Be the best version of yourself


We use high-quality technical fabrics to help you perform your best in every condition.
The leggings hug your curves!
All of the used materials are thought through and tested on athletes and non-athletic people to offer the best durability and support for different body types.


All of our ideas and designs are put together and thought out in a small country in northern Europe called Estonia.
Our design started purely from our own needs: we were looking for figure complimenting fit but didn't find one.
So we took matters into our own hands!


We as Omar&Klaus™ aspire to make the world a better place by supporting an active and healthy lifestyle. With us you can be a part of something bigger!
Give your best and others will follow.
Welcome to the movement!
The OK movement.

Omar and Klaus activewear leggings made of high-quality material. Tricolor. Designed in Estonia!


We are a team of 4 proud Estonians who design every piece by ourselves. Our goal is to offer activewear that you could wear in and out of the gym. This brand was created to inspire you and everyone around you to make better choices for yourself by supporting an active and healthy lifestyle.

Be part of something bigger. Give your best and other will follow.

Our Athletes

Can't complain about anything really, one of my favourite pair of leggings for sure! Even my sister, who is usually very picky with leggings and clothes in general, was wearing them and praising how good these are. 😍

Ave-Mai Larin

Väga trimmivad ja mugavad püksid trenniks kui ka niisama vabal ajal ringi liikumiseks, tõmbavad piha ka mõnusalt saledaks⌛️⌛️

Liis Meeksa

Their leggings are super nice - full of movement and style. Since I travel a lot they're kind of like my must-haves, best for the flights and early call-times!

Gertrud Kiisa

I love the texture of the pants, they fit perfectly, size to size, comfortable in the training - every squat was done with full range of movement 😉 Plus they really look great from behind 🙂

Jekaterina Irvanets-Goldmann

Omar & Klaus on praegu minu go-to leggings.

Põhjusel, et nad on ideaalsed trennis- kus saan olla kindel, et nad ei vaju alla ega paljasta midagi, kui ka vága stiilsed, et kanda vabal ajal.

Vabal ajal on mugavus alati nr 1 sest mõllan palju ringi oma tütrega mis tähendab palju ootamatuid käike 🤟🏼

Boonusena tooksin välja fakti, et O&K leggingsite ekstra kõrge piha osa loob mõnusalt saleda enesetunde ka páevadel kui ennast nii saledana ei tunne 🎉

Marlen Heldemeel

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