Starting from THE 29th of April

Your chance to get Omar&Klaus leggings at a lower price


Good value for you and the nature! 

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It's all about producing less waste

Omar&Klaus puts a lot of effort into reducing waste and defected products!

We are highly motivated to offer the best quality possible however, this always comes with a price. It is almost impossible for a clothing brand to eliminate the rate of defective products completely. It is believed that on average 1-10% of the whole production patch is usually defected.

Omar&Klaus puts a lot of effort into reducing the number of products with defects and always keeps it in mind when carrying out the production. We put lots of time in the sampling process to make sure the end product won't be low quality, work with trusted partners and use high-quality materials to avoid the faults in our fabrics. But unfortunately, a small percentage of our stock did not meet our regular quality standards. These kinds of products are usually discarded by clothing brands, therefore creating a lot of unnecessary waste in the world. We wanted to do differently, so our current motivation is to preserve nature and act rationally.

Your chance to get the size that fits you best

We invite you to take part in our SAMPLE SALE!

As we have so far kept such products at our warehouse without any plans of actual realization, but also not wanting to just throw them away, we decided to give them a chance at making someone happy. 

Starting from 29th of April we will open a sample sale category on our website, where you can buy Omar&Klaus original products with small defects for a fraction of the regular price. As most of the sizes of our original leggings have sold out so fast, the defected products are available starting from XS to M!

Most of the deficiencies with our Carrera leggings relate to printing faults:

1. the stitching has unintendedly pressed marks on the print

2. the second coating of the print is not aligned with the first coating

3. small marks and breaks in the print

4. unfinished needle marks on the print

5. small color transfers

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the legendary curves complimenting fit

We can guarantee that the overall quality, material and fit remains the same as the originals. The defects are usually only visible at a closer look. Our Carrera leggings are extra high waisted, sweat and squat proof, feel very soft to touch and compliment all of your curves in the best way possible.

Super-high waisted

The extra-high waistband supports you in any kind of training and stops the leggings to slide down

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Curve complimenting fit

Our design is especially made to compliment the curves and bring out your natural hourglass body shape 🍑

DRY technology

The fabric is confirmed to be completely sweat proof by our female athletes



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